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Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics


Over the past 3 years Greenpeace has been releasing a public list detailing how well electronics manufacturer's are behaving in terms of green policies and practices. Now in it's 13th iteration

Nokia has retained the list's #1 spot, with a sparkling 7.5 rating. With their voluntary take-back program collecting end-of-life mobile phones and good information to consumers on how to properly discard electronics, Nokia leads the list and offers up a shining example of how to educate consumers and take responsibility for the waste their products create.

Nintendo, stuck in last place since being introduced to the list in v.6, has seen a slight increase in it's score. The house of Mario now sports a 1.4 rating thanks to the low power AC adaptor for the Nintendo DSi meeting the requirements of the Energy Star Program.

From a consumer standpoint it might seem odd to think of Nintendo as a less than environmentally-friendly company. After all -- of all 3 major home consoles, the Nintendo Wii consumes far less power during operation. But home user power usage does very little to offset Nintendo's ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions. It just goes to show how much impact a company can have despite our own experiences with their products.

The guide details the green ratings of 18 electronics giants. If you'd like to get a little more knowledge of how your next cell phone or printer purchase might impact the environment, there's no better place to start.

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